EC: Art 110 Feedback

As the last week of the semester approaches, I will have to say that Art 110 has been one of the most interesting and fun class I have attended at CSULB. Never have I been at at class where we do lots of physical activities, and have conversations with one another; something that I really enjoyed about this class. Art 110 will most certainty go as one of my favorite classes here at Long Beach State.

I highly recommend to continue doing activities. I loved doing activities because most of the activities done were done with the help of family, friends, and loved ones. Plaster casting has to go as my favorite activity since I got to go to the beach with all my family and work on my art project. The plaster casting has to be followed by the Graffiti writing, and sketching in the garden. There really wasn’t any least favorite activity that I had. All activities that I was able to accomplish were very interesting and fun to do so.

Another thing I liked about this class was the fact that it was half online and half in class. I feel that as a student, lots of pressure gets taken off of my shoulders knowing we can perform over half of this class on our own time. This is a really great method of teaching. The SOA Galleries were really fun also. Getting to see all the other artists’ exhibitions made it fun and exciting to go to class every Wednesday. Classmate conversations is a brilliant idea. I have been in so many classes that are cut half the size of this art class; yet, I only know about 5 people. Art 110 however, was a lot different. I can easily say I interacted with over half of the class, that is an approximate number of 30-40 people that I got to know because of classmate conversations.

Being at Art 110 was perhaps one of the best decisions I could have made enrollment wise. I enjoyed this class, I looked forward to coming every week to class, and Professor Zucman, you were an amazing professor. Thank you for all the lessons, and keep up the hard work, you will definitely be remembered as one of the best professors I have met here in CSULB.


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