Wk10-Artist Conversation-Kyle Kruse

Artist: Kyle Kruse

Exhibition: Janus Maxim

Media: Installations, Displays, Masks, Video

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: kylekruse@art.com

Instagram: @kylekruse

For this week’s artist conversation, I was able to see what Kyle Kruse offered to show us in the CSULB Art Gallery. Kyle Kruse is a senior student at California State University Long Beach. He is getting ready to graduate this semester coming up from the BFA program. Kyle offered a detailed and unique piece of art for everyone to see.

Kyle Kruse made the Marylin Werby Gallery into the Greco-Roman teaching myths of Prometheus, Janus, and Sisyphus. Kyle says that even though there are a variety of myths, no one knows exactly what happened, how they look, nor what they each did. They’re all myths he says, which he then added that he loves working with the narratives, rather than the images. He says that the myths he has heard helps him visualize what they each did, and he himself has enough information to make a myth from them 3.

Kyle describes these three Greco-Roman teaching myths as figures whom elucidate cycles of human progress. He said that Prometheus was the resulting birth of civilization for providing humanity with fire. He described Sisyphus as the god whom attempted to cheat death and breaking his society’s social contract. Lastly, Janus is described as the god of beginnings, endings, gateways, and transitions.

Coming into Kyle’s exhibition was very intimidating because of the fact that 90% of the room was pitch dark. However, once inside, it was very amusing. The masks made by the artist himself are so detailed and they each represent whom he believes they were. It was fascinating seeing his creations and the video he had inside was very interesting as well. Once hearing how he describes and interprets these Greco-Roman Gods, his story behind his exhibition made a lot more sense. It was a great experience seeing Kyle’s work.


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