Wk9-Art Care Package

For this week’s art care package, I decided to make a small art care package to my girlfriend. She is someone who has been there for me for the past four years, and she is someone who I admire a lot and thank for always being there for me.

Sending her this ACP is different from sending her a snapchat because I feel like this is a lot more valuable for her. The time and effort spent on this would make her feel very special. It is similar to sending her a snapchat though because it is her receiving pictures (I also included pictures on the ACP). I certainly feel objects or letters gain more value as time goes on. Objects would mean a lot more to me as time goes on, rather than when I first got it. As time goes on, memories from when you first got the art care package or letters/pictures etc. will evoke and I’m sure will bring a nice feeling.

The time and effort should mean a lot to the person who is receiving the art care package because just the thought of the person thinking of you to send you something like that should make the person feel special. Preparing a meal with love perhaps is not as fast as you can get food at a McDonald’s drive-thru, but it should be a lot more special. Time and effort is something I feel is a lot more valuable than having something fast and easy to make.

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