Classmate Conversation- Henry Pham-Wk8

For this week’s classmate conversation, I was able to converse with Henry Pham. Henry is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach; however, he is a Junior already…very impressive. He was able to get ahead in credits because of all the AP courses taken during High School. Henry is an Aerospace Engineering major who hopes for one day be able to design/build airplanes or even shuttles. He is a very smart and interactive young guy who I’m sure one day will be making big money with that engineering degree.

When asked the first question of the week about any piece of art he would like to share with anybody, he hysterically replied by saying his body physique. Besides being intelligent, this guy turned out to be pretty fun also. He said he is not willing to show anybody at the moment; however, as time progresses and when he gets a hold of more time on his hands, he will be working on his body goals. When asked the second question of the week about allowing his child to pursue an art major, he simply said yes. He said as long as they are happy, and the degree pays good, he will gladly accept it. When Henry and I opened up our phones to our first page, we did not have any same apps. We did however, had a fitness app that showed that both of us like to stay active. Overall, it was great having to converse with Henry this week.

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