Wk6-Artist Conversation-Blaine Scot Prow

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition: Extrusions

Media: Paper, straight edge ruler, exacto knife

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: in progress

Instagram: @tiffuts

For this week’s artist conversation, I was able to meet Blaine Scot Prow. Blaine Scot Prow is a studio art student at California State University, Long Beach. He is getting ready to graduate, as this is his final year at the university. Here is how he presented his designs using his primary tools, a straight edge and exacto knife.

Blaine calls his art work, Blaine Scot Prow’s Extrusions. Being and automotive design enthusiast, he gets a lot of ideas from his creative mind. He figured out that by cutting out a certain shape from paper, and by folding each side, cutting all edges and leaving one edge attach to the paper, he makes a 3-D object with one less side. For example, if he cuts out a square, his 3-D object is a triangle. If he cuts out a pentagon, the 3-D outcome is a square and the list goes on.

This 3-D modeling is very interesting. It is a very creative way to think of an art style like his. It definitely makes it easier for anyone who is a visual learner. He did mention he wanted to work for an Automotive company or Automotive magazines, and with his talent he can easily accomplish this. It is very hard to draw a 3-D object, Blaine doesn’t just draw it, he actually makes it alive.

Being in his exhibit was very interesting. It is very hard for me to draw 3-D objects, so it amazed me seeing these objects coming out of a page. What intrigued me the most is the fact that he thought of making a 3-D shape off of a totally different geometry shape. I’m sure Blaine never struggled with his Geometry. Overall, it was a great experience going through Blaine Scot Prow’s extrusions.

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