Wk5-Artist Conversation-Ralph Acosta

Artist: Ralph Acosta

Exhibition: RELAX: Re-imagining Los Angeles International Airport

Media: Video, Designing, Installation

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marylin Werby Gallery

Website: In Progress

Instagram: In Progress

Ralph Acosta is a graduate student from California State University Long Beach. He recently graduated from the 3 year program of Graphics Design. Mr. Acosta grew up in the Los Angeles area near one of the most famous international airports, LAX. Furthermore, his passion of seeing planes land and take off and prior experiences at this famous location is what inspired him to get involve in this design art project.

Ralph Acosta demonstrates his LAX airport as being a relaxing location. He uses a font on his lettering that he himself designed in order to bring back the design that the world famous LAX Theme Building use to have from the inside. With the elliptical-shape lettering, he says that reminds him of the peace and soothing LAX Airport. He uses a strong light blue and orange colors in his letters to have that warm, and peaceful feeling.

In this project, Ralph advocates how he misses the way LAX used to be when he was a child. He says that prior to LAX being so busy and people being in a hurry, LAX used to be one of the most pleasant and ambient places to be. He remembers dropping off his loved ones, and waiting there to say goodbye. He remembers a restaurant on top of the LAX Theme Building and eating at the once called “Encounter Restaurant.” He described the LAX from his childhood time as having a professional atmosphere as people had to dress up in order to be in LAX. Now, Ralph says that the International Airport has lost the sense of romanticism; the sense of love. He states that people don’t go to say goodbye anymore and seeing their loved ones take off. Now, people that go are anxious to get in, and get out as soon as possible.

As part of his audience, I loved being inside his exhibit. I never knew LAX used to be a formal, relaxing and such loving environment. The colors being used in his project definitely brought out a peaceful environment. It was a great experience hearing him describe the LAX that most of us now-a-day don’t know of. When I asked him if growing up near this airport ever inspired him to become either a pilot or Aerospace Engineer, he answered that it certainly did. I thought it was very interesting because now, not a lot of people want to go near LAX because of all the traffic and chaos. It just shows how powerful, peaceful, and loving this environment use to be.



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