Wk 3-Artist Conversation-Alvaro Alvarez Salazar

Artist: Alvaro Alvarez Salazar

Exhibition: A Response to Classical Music

Media: Paint, Cameras, Canvas

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website: None

Instagram: In Progress

For this week’s Artist Conversation, I got the pleasure to meet a young uprising artist by the name of Alvaro Alvarez Salazar. Alvaro is an undergraduate student in the Art History program. With such an inspiring background, Alvaro is the first person in his family to ever follow his educational career onto the college level. Although coming from Guatemala at the age of 8, Mr. Salazar was able to master the English language and says that music has been his biggest inspiration throughout his long, yet rewarding journey.

Mr. Salazar’s display, entitled “A Response to Classical Music,” is an interesting piece of art. This was suppose to be a final project for one of his music class; however, it turned out to be much more. Alvaro chose a classical overture of Beethoven to assist him in this project. After moving tables and chairs, setting up cameras and covering up the floors and walls, Alvaro decides to let his body go, and let the music do the work. He says that since music has always been his inspiration, he always lets music do his talking. In this occasion, he says his movements throughout the video and his way of colors, is just a “response” to the music.

The seven minute video he uploaded for us to see, was only a small portion of his work. Alvaro Alvarez Salazar spent an actual amount of 72 hours to complete his project. When asked why he decided to do an overture of classical music, he said that the music heard now a days is nothing alike the overture. He wanted to go out of his comfort zone, so he listened to a variety of music genres. As soon as he heard this overture, he knew that overture was it. After electing the classical tune, he could not wait to let go of himself, and let the music take over. He constantly kept on repeating, “this was not a dance, this was not a performance…this was a ‘response’ to the music.” Mr. Salazar literally lets the music do the talking.

I find it so interesting how a man can just “let go” and make such piece of art with a simple “response” like he mentioned. The whole time I was amazed at this young artist, he look so passionate talking about his work, and I admire him for his passion of art. As mentioned previously, during the 72 hour span of completing his work, he only slept for a total of three hours. Yet, he said sleep deprivation definitely had its effect on him, but his body could not stop. His passion for art is what surprised me the most. Overall, his response and his final project were amazing.


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